Combi rings

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In 2009 Haspeslagh launched the combi-ring that has been designed in close cooperation with major chip manufacturers like Tipes and Unikon, along with the N.P.O. (Pigeon fanciers Organisation of the Netherlands) and the F.C.I.

As the name indicates it is a combination of the traditional life ring and a chipring. Chips of different well-established manufacturers can be used on the combi-ring.The new combi-ring is now available next to the traditional life ring.

All life rings have an innerdiameter of 8,0mm and are made with an aluminum core which gives the rings substantial advantages:
• the pressure resistance is much higher in comparison with rings which do not have an aluminium core.
• committing fraud through widening the ring is therefore impossible.
• The inner diametre is even at all points forming a perfect circle.

We also use a unique plastic material of very high quality, exceptionally strong and long term resistant to outside weather conditions. This plastic coating is available in different colours.