Race rubbers

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The race rubbers are part of the rich tradition of pigeon racing. They have been used for decades and are still being used to register pigeons all over the World.

The rings can be personalised with a print on the inside of the ring, an inscription unique for the organising club or federation. For this imprint we need to make a special set of stamps that can be re-used as long as the imprint doesn t change.

The race rubbers are available in 5 different colours.

There are two different versions of the race rings: the 1-double and the 2-double rings :
With the 1-double rings only 1 side of the paper strip is equipped with rings. These rings are folded in half, that way the inscription is on the inside of the ring and on the outside we print a serial number.

With the 2-double rings there are two sides of the paper strip that are equipped with race rubbers. On both sides the rings have the same serial numbers. These rings are also folded in half, with the inscription on the inside and a serial number on the outside.

The rings can be printed with:
  • 4 lines
  • 16 characters per line