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We regret to inform the world the Haspeslagh pigeon lofts will no longer be produced.

It is well-known pigeon racing is not a growing activity. On top of that Savic, the company behind the Haspeslagh-brand, wants to focus more on their core-activities, being the production of pet accessories and cages in plastic and metal. This activity is growing year after year. The construction of pigeon lofts has always been a anomaly in the range, in need of a lot of attention as well.

Also the Select-lofts, the top range of Haspellagh will be discontinued.

The running projects will be finished with the usual care and our specialist remain active in the company, which we can still help you with small tasks. New projects however, will not be accepted.

Finally we wish to thank your clients who trusted us to build their lofts in the past years and we wish you all the best.